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YOU can beat diabetes... and lose 20, 30, 50 pounds and even more!
Don’t let diabetes defeat you. Dr. Mark Hyman will show you how to FIGHT BACK—and knock diabetes out of your life for good!
The Blood Sugar Solution is jam packed with the tools you need to control your blood sugar; lower your cholesterol, triglycerides, and blood pressure; and feel energized. You’ll get a complete doctor-designed 6-week meal plan that includes more than 50 mouthwatering recipes and a convenient, made-for-you shopping list.

PLUS, you’ll learn:

The 10 Ways to Rid Your Kitchen of Fattening Foods. Just by following these 10 simple strategies, you will automatically start to drop unsightly and unhealthy belly fat. (Page 151)

The 10 Ways to Eliminate Sugar Cravings. Instead of having to fight hunger with willpower, Dr. Hyman will show you how to effortlessly make cravings disappear. (Page 160)

The 10 Ways to Eat Healthy at a Restaurant. You don’t have to give up your social life to lower your blood sugar and lose those excess pounds. Dr. Hyman will show his tricks for dining out and filling up—without filling out! And much more! (Page 210)
Bonus 6-Week Weight Loss and Fitness Plan: Lose Flab and Firm Up FAST!
It's easy. It's fast. In just 6 weeks, you'll go from inactive, flabby, and heavy to fitter, leaner, and healthier—and your blood sugar will be under control!

But don't worry. You can do it in private at home just by walking and—this is important—doing a simple strength-training routine. Don't be intimidated. No muscleman lifts! No painful pushing! It's easy exercise designed just for you!

The program contains two easy parts:
  1. Daily walks (alone or with friends)
2. Strength training 2 or 3 days a week

  There are steady-state walks, power walks, intervals, and recuperative walks lasting from 15 to 50 minutes and designed to boost fat burn, energize and flex the body, and rejuvenate your spirit.

Weight training uses a simple pair of dumbbells or other lightweight resistance. It’s beginner-friendly and fun! You’ll love these workouts immediately!

The workouts are step-by-step easy. There are even exercise charts and meal tracking logs so you can record your efforts and see real progess in black and white!

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Eat SLOW Carbs—NOT low carbs!
Red, Yellow, Green. Use Dr. Hyman’s traffic light system to signal which carbs affect your blood sugar, insulin, AND CRAVINGS the most and guide your daily eating. Learn all the details in your FREE preview of The Blood Sugar Solution!

Despite what you’ve been told, people with high blood sugar don’t need to give up carbs altogether. You simply have to understand how to choose the right carbs—the kind that digest and absorb more slowly into your bloodstream. It’s not complicated! By using Dr. Hyman’s meal plan and healthy-eating tips and tricks, you’ll discover how easy it is to get your blood sugar under control without feeling deprived—ever!

The nutrition guidelines in The Blood Sugar Solution will allow you to make your all-time favorite dishes healthier, more nutritious, and still really, really tasty. But if you want a little more handholding, we have some TERRIFIC, TASTY recipes for you to try.

Do you love a hearty burger for lunch?
The Sun-Dried Tomato Turkey Burgers will be an instant hit with you and your family. See page 342 for this guilt-free recipe.

Or try Dr. Hyman’s delicious Ultimate Detox Smoothie!
You have nothing to risk, nothing to lose but dangerous belly fat and some bad eating habits.

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Poached Pears with Cashew Cream
Sun-Dried Tomato Turkey Burgers
Ultimate Detox Smoothie
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These 15 no-fail recipes make following Dr. Hyman's The Blood Sugar Solution even more convenient.

These simple, no-sweat, at-home exercise routines will help you tone and shape every inch of your body.


Use these surprising but brilliant health tips and tricks to feel better and improve your health instantly!

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